Peachtree Garden club

Christmas Home Tour 
Thursday, December 7th, 2017
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Tickets at the door $35 

2580 Woodward Way

This elegant, classically Federal style home is a beautiful personification of its charming and gregarious owners, Lucinda and Bob Chapman. The Chapmans purchased the home in 1999 and have made extensive renovations to both the interior and exterior throughout the years, adding a formal garden in the front, pushing out the back of the house, and eventually adding a pool and outdoor entertaining area. The addition of a beautiful paneled study is one of the family’s favorite rooms. This richly warm and inviting space was crafted from southern pine reclaimed from an old pencil factory found in south Georgia. Working with architect Bill Edwards, they created a treasured alcove as their piano room, central to the main floor, where all three of the Chapman’s grown children became accomplished pianists.

2841 Vernon Road

An eclectic explosion of light, color, and joy! Seventeenth-Century celestial prints, alongside contemporary glass sculpture, adjacent to traditional Delft china, accented with MacKensie-Childs dog bowls, underneath a Pierre Bonnard post-impressionist painting – the harmony of many different notes combine here to create a beautiful symphony. Tucked behind the exterior of this classic French Provencal home is a wonderfully surprising collection of art and antiques. The diverse collection of furniture, paintings, sculpture and vibrant fabrics is best described as a celebration of color. Homeowners Tricia and Ben Carter have only lived in the home a few years, but it holds a lifetime of beloved treasures collected along their many travels, and assembled from their many previous homes.

 949 Peachtree Battle Avenue

This newly built home is the collaborative product of its stylish homeowners, Felicia and Billy Huger. Ever ready for the next project, Billy has built and renovated several homes over the years, and with a true love of design, he worked closely with architect Duane Stone to create the perfect house for his family. Remarkable craftsmanship and exquisite design details are hallmarks of this gorgeous home. Expansive steel mullioned windows throughout the house allow for luminous interiors filled with natural light. The dark, almost black floors, echo the dark steel of the windows, providing an additional layer of reflective space and texture, giving the classic interiors a contemporary edge.

2322 Mount Paran Road

Tour guests will be immediately transported to Christmas-past in this Bauhaus inspired circular modern home. The Cecil and Hermione Alexander House was designed by architect Cecil Alexander, one of Atlanta’s most prominent modern architects, as his family’s residence. Completed in 1957, “Roundhouse” was one of the first modernist houses in Atlanta. Curved brick walls and sheet glass windows are organized around a central circular court, creating wedge shaped rooms that radiate from the central atrium. An expansive folded-plate roof provides linear geometric lines to the otherwise circular forms, and skylights flood the interior with light.

The house received significant national attention in the 1950s, and was featured in LIFE magazine praising the house as an embodiment of “Tomorrow’s Life Today.” Over the years it has come to be recognized as one of the finest examples of modern architecture in our city. In 2005 when the property came on the market, current homeowners, Susan and Ted Pound, fell in love with the architecture, naturalistic surroundings and the skylighted atrium. With two young children at the time, the Pounds spent the first year making carefully thought out restorations to update the home for their lifestyle, including the beautifully curved granite and walnut kitchen.


 Tour Four Beautiful Buckhead Homes
 2580 Woodward Way
2841 Vernon Road
 949 Peachtree Battle Avenue
 2322 Mount Paran Road

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Laura Dorsey and Adair Sisk

Dear Peachtree Friends,

Since its beginning in 1923, Peachtree Garden Club has nurtured its members with affection, friendship and challenge, always encouraging others to share our delight in nature and gardening. To me, it has been a special honor to be part of a group that has been important to so many ladies that I love, and I am especially delighted that Peachtree has chosen two wonderful sisters, my mother Laura Dorsey and my aunt Adair Sisk, to serve as the Honorary Chairs of the 2017 Christmas Home Tour.

Laura and Adair grew up in and around gardens, with a mother, grandmother and aunt who were Peachtree members, and for many years Peachtree has served as a source of friendship and inspiration.  Both were involved in the development of Swan Woods as an ecological classroom, and both are talented and energetic gardeners themselves.  They carried their enthusiasm and horticultural knowledge with them to their beloved Rabbit Hill Farm in Cherokee county, and established beautiful vegetable and perennial gardens there.  My brother, sister and I, together with cousins and all our own children, have some of our deepest memories rooted in the beautiful surroundings that these two nurtured over the years.  We are truly grateful for their wisdom and wonderful good sense of gardening. 

As we begin preparations for a new Christmas Tour, I am reminded of the image of Laura and Adair happily manning the ticket table at a recent Christmas Tour, laughing and delighted to be together with their friends from Peachtree and the community!  One special organization that has benefited from the tour is Gardens for Peace, an international network of gardens selected as symbols of peace, founded by Laura herself.

I hope you will consider making a contribution to support our treasured PGC Community Fund. As you know 100% of Tour proceeds go directly to our Community Fund, allowing Peachtree to continue making a significant impact throughout our city and community. Each of us shares the legacy of friendship, mentoring and education that Peachtree has fostered over our almost one hundred years, and it a privilege to honor Laura Dorsey and Adair Sisk as members who have helped that legacy thrive.  Thank you in advance for your support, and we look forward to hosting another wonderful tour on Thursday, December 7th

 With heartfelt thanks,

 Laura Rains Draper


Founded in 1923,  Peachtree Garden Club was the first garden club in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our first Christmas Home Tour was held in 1949, a tradition that continued through the 1960’s.  The tour was revived in 2008 as a way to give back to the community and is supported by Peachtree Garden Club members as well as corporate sponsors. All proceeds benefit the Peachtree Garden Club Community Fund, a 501(c) 3. Created in 2003 to serve charitable, scientific and educational needs in the fields of conservation and horticulture, the Community Fund has awarded over $400,000 in grants.  Recent recipients include Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta History Center/Swan Woods Trail, Cherokee Garden Library, Friends of English Avenue, Historic Oakland Cemetery, Neel Reid Scholarship Fund for the School of Environment and Design at UGA, Shepherd Center and Southeastern Horticultural Society. 


100 East Andrews Drive

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